Welcome to En-Gedi’s Brand New Site

October 2019

Shalom, friends!

It’s taken a while, but finally the move of the En-Gedi website is complete! There are now about 500 articles now along with many other things, like a glossary, bookstore and freebies page.

One new article that is of particular interested is on the Puzzling Passages page. This is a three-part series called What it Means to “Fulfill the Law.” This phrase was an idiom that was native to Judaism and is widely misunderstood by Christians. Seeing how it was used by Jesus, Paul and the rabbis sheds a lot of light on Scripture.

We are adding more articles all the time. (If you’d like to help, please consider a donation to help support the project.)

Many thanks for your prayers and support,

Lois Tverberg

En Gedi