About En-Gedi

Long En-Gedi WaterfallThe En-Gedi Resource Center is an educational ministry that helps Christians grow in their understanding of the Bible and their Messiah, Jesus, by providing resources to study them within their original context. 

Our Name

En-Gedi’s name comes from an oasis in the Judean desert where David fled from Saul, near the Dead Sea. It is a powerful image of living water as the presence of God—water gushes forth from the rocky cliff, and any place it touches is covered with lush greenery, but only yards away, the harsh desert is as dry and lifeless as ever.

Likewise, En-Gedi seeks to be a source of living water to those who thirst for deeper understanding of the Scriptures. We believe that knowing Jesus in his Hebraic, Jewish context can deepen our relationship with him and help us bear fruit as his disciples.

Our History

In January 2001, the En-Gedi Resource Center began as a ministry in western Michigan, teaching in churches, hosting seminars for pastors and laypeople, and sending out articles online. Founded by Bruce Okkema and Lois Tverberg, two laypersons whose lives were transformed by their encounter with Christ in his context, En-Gedi sought out excellent teachers and ministry leaders who could share their wisdom with its audience.

Over time En-Gedi’s long-distance readership grew, and local activities became less helpful to its audience. As a result, the ministry became a publisher of books and audio/video materials, which are available in this website’s bookstore.

Currently, the En-Gedi Resource Center is owned and managed by Lois Tverberg, who has, over the years, become an author and speaker on the Bible in its context. This website preserves her writing between 2001 and 2008, with some recent articles too. Most of Lois’ books are available in the En-Gedi bookstore. See her personal website, OurRabbiJesus.com for her recent articles and updates. You can read her story at this link.

Books and materials sold by the En-Gedi Resource Center directly support Lois’ ongoing ministry and are sent out by her office. Other recommended resources link to Amazon, which gives back a few percent of their profits in return for the link.

You’re also welcome to support En-Gedi with a donation. Thanks for your prayers too, which are much appreciated.