Jesus was a man of prayer. He stayed up all night in prayer, arose early to pray, and taught his disciples to pray. How did people pray in Jesus’ time, and how did he probably pray? Understanding Jewish prayer adds depth and meaning to Jesus’ teachings on the subject.

Praying hands

Brief Articles

Learning Prayer from Jesus What Our Prayers Reveal
Praying with Chutzpah Blessing or Thanks
Even This is For the Good Our Father
Thy Kingdom Come Give Us Our Daily Bread
Forgive Us as We Forgive Keep Us from Evil
Praying the Psalms Oh Lord, Please be Patient with Me
Praying in the Face of Persecution Are We Listening for God?
Humility in Prayer Time to Pray
The Prayers of Children Have Faith In God
Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire The Other Lord’s Prayer
Giving of His Wisdom Clothing the Naked
The Mystery of Prayer Praying with Intention
Amen and Amen!

Longer Essays 

The Richness of Jewish Prayer – We know from history what prayer style Jesus would have used. Christians will find that some of these traditions that Jews still practice today will greatly enrich their prayer life.

For Everything a Blessing – In the most ordinary things the rabbis of Jesus’ day and earlier found ways of praising God, and these blessings have God at their center.

The Amidah Prayer: A New Translation – The prayer Jesus taught his disciples, The Lord’s Prayer, is likely an abbreviated version of the Amidah, a central prayer of Jewish religious life.