Lessons from the Land

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The biblical story took place in a very particular setting – the ancient Middle East, in the land of Israel and surrounding area. Having a grasp of the geography and even the weather often gives us fascinating insights on the biblical text.

Brief Articles 

Below are a number of brief articles that reflect on how the physical setting of Israel expands our understanding of the Scriptures.

The Land as the Fifth Gospel The Land Between
The Priest’s Mikveh The Spirit and the Southern Stairs
A Neck Like a Tower Brightness of His Presence
The Road to Emmaus God is Our Refuge
Narrow Gates and Wide Roads The Mountain of the Lord
The God of the City The Land Up and Down
Fishing in the Sea of Galilee Decapolis: The Other Side
Caesarea Maritima A Parable of a King
The “Rock” and the Transfiguration Idolatry of Dan
Altars of Sacrifice In the Synagogue
Elijah, God’s Strong Man More to Gideon’s Story
Stones of Destruction The Pool of Siloam
Who Feeds the Ravens? Keepers of the Word
A Lost Psalm of Qumran The Olive Tree
Encountering Herod Standing Stones and Christmas Trees
Repainting DaVinci, Again Shaliach Mitzvah Gelt
The Necessity of Shade John and His Baptism
Drink Before You’re Thirsty Drinking Rain From Heaven
Encouraging Evidence  Miracle on the Sea of Galilee
Living Water My Father’s Business
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Shepherd, Sheep, and Goats
The Battle of Armageddon The Son of Man Betrayed