The Feasts of Israel

The Jewish calendar of feasts sheds light on the Bible and Jesus in many ways. What can we learn about our Messiah from the feasts of Israel?

God’s Amazing Replays – Each of the defining events that Christians celebrate today are rooted in the Old Testament, in events that shaped the nation of Israel.

Jesus, the Lamb of God – Seeing how Jesus used the Passover to explain his mission yields many deep insights.

The Imagery of Leaven – What does the the ancient tradition of leavening bread show us about sin in our lives? Jesus and Paul also both use leaven and the Feast of Unleavened Bread to explain Jesus’ perfect sacrifice and how it allows us to live clean, new lives.

Faith in Doubtful Times – Learning from the Fall Festivals “…I’m convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, of the goodness of God, even when it is hidden in difficult times or terrible events or even hard texts. His very own sacrifice for us finally answer that question once and for all.”

Man examining citronThoughts for Yom Kippur – An explanation of the holiest day in the Jewish year, and a liturgy for Christians who want to take part in it.

Has Da Vinci Painted Our Picture of Jesus? – “… unfortunately, nearly every detail in the picture is culturally inaccurate … “