Living Water

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Living water is one of the many physical images used in scripture to express spiritual truth. The image of living water is known around the Middle East, where water is scarce and precious. In biblical times, when rain fell after months of clear skies, it was considered a miraculous gift from God. And, in dry areas, lush plant life was only found on the banks of rivers. From this arose the idea of mayim chaim (MY-eem KHY-eem), life-giving water from the heavens or from a natural spring. This image recurs from Genesis to Revelation, strongly associated with the presence of God.

This is where the En-Gedi Resource Center gets its name — because it is an oasis in the middle of the desert where living water flows. Find out more in the article below:

Overview Article: What is Living Water?

And enjoy some of our meditations on this imagery below…

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