Genesis is the story of the origin of all things. Modern Westerners imagine that the most important origin for us to understand is that of the physical world. In the biblical mind, however, the most important thing to understand is who God is and how people should relate to him.

As Genesis begins we read the fundamental story of God’s goodness, man’s preciousness, and the tragic story of the separation of man from God by sin. This sets the plot line for the rest of the scripture—how is God going to fix this terrible problem?

Genesis also tells the beginnings of God’s plan of redemption for the world. God chooses one man, Abraham, and makes a covenant that through him all nations will be blessed. The rest of Genesis tells of God’s fulfillment of his promises to Abraham’s family and the beginnings of the nation of Israel, through whom the redeemer of the world will come.

Christians often leap from the story of the Fall in Genesis 3 straight to Matthew 1, as if the history of Israel is irrelevant. We want to skip straight to the punch line, rather than to take a slow walk with God through the story of his chosen people. But their story is our story. As we read their story, we should remember that their beginnings are our beginnings too.


Brief Articles

In the Beginning

In Wonder of the God of Creation Not Quite the Beginning
Wind and Water Good News
In His Image Eve’s Error
You Must Master It Learning To Read
Lamech’s Opposite The Slippery Slope
Laying Down The Bow What Have You Done?
My Brother’s Keeper Cain’s Crime, God’s Response
Noah was a Righteous Man The Good News Starts in Genesis


Faithful Abraham

Faithful Abram Abraham, Our Father
True Sons of Abraham Lot’s Choice
Protection in Spite of Ourselves The God of the Covenant
How Great is Peace Hagar’s Plight
Heroic Chutzpah! The Logic of Mercy
Laughter of Relief The Binding of Isaac
Giving and Taking Away Offended by God
Growing Faith How To Choose a Wife
Abraham Believed Reaping What You Sow
The Mystery of Prayer Yielding A Hundred Fold
An Unlikely Choice  

Isaac and Abraham



Following God’s Blessing Meeting God on the Way
 Joseph’s Dreams Tamar, the Heroine
 Exceptional Character  At Peace in Prison
 Wisdom for Good Years  The Testing of a Family

God’s Wounded Families