Do you know where I can find some Hebraic insights on ___ ?

Dear readers,

Over the years, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Do you know where can I get some insights on ____ from a Hebraic perspective?”

…the Lord’s Prayer?
…Jewish wedding traditions?
…Paul’s words about being a “fragrant offering”?
…the parable of the Ten Virgins?
…Psalm 23?

If I’ve got time, I try to respond and share a link or two from my writing or from a good source I’ve read.

One day I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if I could give people a “Hebraic Studies Search Bar”? There are about a half-dozen sites that are my short-list when someone asks me a question like this. They have an abundance of articles that specialize on the Hebraic context of Christianity, but are quite readable for non-experts. Of course they include ones with my own writing, but some of my colleagues and mentors have shared a lot of material too.

Well, I have a little gift for you. I made a “Google Custom Search” bar that does this very thing. If you go to the search page, the bar searches just the short list. (The sites are listed on the EnGedi search page.)

Try it out!


I thought it did quite a good job of pulling up pertinent articles, and I like to use it myself. It’s not comprehensive, but you can always go back to Google.

~ Lois

Welcome to En-Gedi’s Brand New Site

June 2019 –

Shalom, friends!

It’s been a few years since I began this project of moving from the original En-Gedi website to this one. The website still has its fans, and is still up. En-Gedi is gradually moving over to this platform, which is organized more topically, to make it easier for people who are searching for articles.

Recently more in-depth articles have been added. The page that we’ve done the most on is Jesus’ Jewishness >> His Sayings in Context. There you see an introduction to the topic, along with brief articles and longer essays. At the bottom of the page are links to other useful sites.

One new article that is of particular interested is on the Puzzling Passages page. This is a three-part series called What it Means to “Fulfill the Law.” This phrase was an idiom that was native to Judaism and is widely misunderstood by Christians. Seeing how it was used by Jesus, Paul and the rabbis sheds a lot of light on Scripture.

We are adding more articles all the time. (If you’d like to help, please consider a donation to help support the project.)

Check out our glossary, bookstore and freebies page too, while you’re looking around.

Many thanks for your prayers and support,

Lois Tverberg

En Gedi