Messianic Expectations

Jesus ChristMany of us aren’t clear on what the Scriptures had promised about the coming Messiah, and how Jesus fulfilled its words.

Below are many articles about messianic prophecies in the Old Testament and how the events of Jesus’ life brought them to fulfillment.

His mission becomes clearer when we see it in light of the context of his scriptures. It gives us a better understanding of our own mission too!


Brief Articles

What does “Christ” Mean? Son of David, Son of God
The Mighty One of Israel What’s the Good News?
The Son of Man The News to the Magi
Mighty God A Rabbi and a King?
The Messiah will Build God’s House Kings From Distant Lands
Prepare Way of the Lord God’s Great Surprise
Builder of the House The Afflicted King
Greater Than Moses The Great Shepherd
Bursting Out of the Pen The Fat and the Lean Sheep
God With Us Gifts Fit for a King
The Stone the Builders Rejected Messiah, Mighty God?
Bread From Heaven The Great Shepherd
The Fragrance of Christ Son of God, Son of Man
The Kingdom Breaks Forth Forever and Ever … Hallelujah!
Our Final Dwelling An Amazing Mountaintop Scene

Longer Essays

Understanding the Name Jesus “Christ” – What does it mean to call Jesus, “Jesus Christ”? Or, what implications does it have for us to say that Jesus is the “Christ”?

Gifts for a King! What is the Magi Story all About? – One of the stories of Christmas that seems to be most cryptic is that of the wise men. Who were they, and what does their story say about Jesus?

The Gospel as a Year of Jubilee – God gave Israel a command that every 50 years they should forgive all debts and let their slaves go free. Jesus uses images from the Year of Jubilee to explain his mission on earth.